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Dr Claudia Major

Director of the Security Policy research group at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs

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Dr Claudia Major is a research group leader at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. She has been a member of the Advisory Board since 2010, her focus being the Public Communication and Civilian Crisis Prevention project.

In her research and advisory work, Dr Claudia Major focuses on security and defence policy in Europe (NATO/transatlantic relations, EU, Germany, France, Great Britain). Current publications focus on the role of NATO, German defence policy, Europe’s strategic autonomy and sovereignty, as well as German-French cooperation.

Prior to this, Dr Claudia Major worked, inter alia, at the Center for Security Studies at the ETH Zurich, the EU Institute for Security Studies (Paris), the German Foreign Office and Sciences Po Paris. She studied at Sciences Po Paris and the FU Berlin, and she was awarded her doctorate by the University of Birmingham (UK).

Work projects

Dr. Claudia Major is engaged in the following topics: