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Deputy Commissioner Crime (retired) Lars Wagner

Advisory Board Chair

Former Deputy Commissioner Crime (ret.) at the German Police University

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Lars Wagner is a fully qualified lawyer and has a degree in criminology. Until December 2022, he headed the subject area International Police Relations at the German Police University. He is involved in the advisory board's working group on the Implementation of the Federal Government’s Guidelines and has been co-chair of the advisory board since 2023.

Lars Wagner was Deputy Head of Division for national security and executive staff within the Federal Criminal Office, as well as an advisor at the Federal Ministry for the Interior, Building and Community, Director of the Bundespolizeiinspektion Kriminalitätsbekämpfung Hamburg [Federal Criminal Investigation Unit for Hamburg], a lecturer at the Federal Police Academy in Lübeck, Deputy Head of Division and EU advisor in the police department of the Ministry for the Interior in Schleswig-Holstein, and Director of the antiterrorism unit EULEX in Kosovo.

Since 2009, Lars Wagner has been seconded as a police officer of the state of Schleswig-Holstein to the German Police University, where he first of all lectured in the subject area of criminology and then became Director of the department of International Relations. Since 2018, he has been Director of the new subject area International Police Relations.

As a training provider, Lars Wagner has conceived and delivered a broad range of national and international police training programmes, as well as advanced, strategy and senior staff training.

Work projects

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